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Neate, Mary Stephana

Neate, Mary Stephana

Female 1843 - 1915

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  • Christened  4 Jan 1843  St Michaels, Aldbourne, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Gender  Female 
    Buried  19 Sep 1915  Woodburn Green, Buckinghamshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Person ID  I00404  My Genealogy
    Last Modified  10 Jun 2015 

    Father  Neate, Stephen,   c. 22 Jul 1817, Bishopstone(Nth), Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 27 Mar 1855, Morlaix, Brittany Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Mother  Neate, Mary,   b. 20 Mar 1811, Devizes, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location,   d. 19 Oct 1885, Kingsclere, Hampshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Married  22 Sep 1840  St Michaels, Aldbourne, Wiltshire, England Find all individuals with events at this location 
    Family ID  F00079  Group Sheet

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    Mary Stephana Neate
    Mary Stephana Neate
    Drawn by Mildred Heanly

  • Notes 
    • Two Mary Stephana Neate-one died 1915. Which one??

      1871 Census Kingsclere, Hampshire, England:
      Anna C Neate 23 Cricklade, Wiltshire, England Daughter Kingsclere Hampshire
      Mary S Neate 28 Cricklade, Wiltshire, England Daughter Kingsclere Hampshire
      Ellen Hutchins 18 Kingsclere, Hampshire, England Servant Kingsclere Hampshire

      1891 Hungerford, Berkshire, England:
      Neate, Mary S 48 Cricklade, Wiltshire Head Hungerford Berkshire
      Neate, Hungerford, Berkshire Son Hungerford Berkshire
      Mackinlay, Dudley E N 20 Wakefield, Yorkshire Visitor Hungerford Berkshire
      Neate, Fanny A 49 Lanark,Gloucestershire Cousin Hungerford Berkshire

      Listed in the 1881 census living with her mother at Swan Street, Kingsclere, Hampshire. Occupation: School Teacher

      1901 Census Fulhsm, London, England:
      Anna M Heanly 53 Cricklade, Wiltshire, England Wife Fulham London
      Frank G J Heanly 54 Henfield,Sussex, England Head Fulham London
      Mildred M Heanly 23 Kingsclere, Hampshire, England Daughter Fulham London
      Mary S Neate 58 Cricklade, Wiltshire, England Sister-in-law Fulham London

      June 18th 78
      My dear Charley & Eva
      I was very pleased to have your second letter to give us a better account of Eva. You must have had great anxiety. I am glad to hear your bonny boy is progressing nicely. We are again looking for a letter. We have had many losses in our family the last few years still the name of Neate bids ...... to continue here and to be transported into other quarters of the globe. We are expecting soon to have news from China. I hope theirs will be a son. I send you the marriage of SY Neate he seems determined to have a Dudley. Martha & Mary first intimation was the paper. They do not approve of divorcee people but feel some family will keep him happy and a good wife. She had more influence over him than any one else. He left off whisky after his last illness and they hope and pray this is the turning point in his life.
      Now I must tell you that Mr Meek has appointed Mr & Mrs Johnson to take charge of Aunt Frank & said certainly not take another house in Reading so they have decided on one at Keynesham 4 1/2 miles from Bristol. They have taken it on their own responsibility in the village low windows small garden & little greenhouse we invited aunt to come and see us but on Saturday I had a letter from her saying she could not come so I went up to Reading with Anna & baby to see her. When we got there Arthur and his wife had come up. Mr Meeks could not find the inventory Arthur made so Mr J wished him to make another so they were very busy. Today Mr J and Mary Benjamin take her by train in a first class carriage to stay a few days at Devizes at Mr B?s. The plate is to go as her luggage. Mr J returns this evening to help Martha pack and the furniture goes in two vans on Friday. ?Kill or cure I think?. Mr W Bavant & Arthur are to manage her money and of course Mr & Mrs Johnson are only delighted to get a home & furniture. Martha told me I was the only one that objected to their arrangement. She asked me to go to see them & I said I did not know. I feel it is a cruel thing to break up her home and for her to be under them at her age. I should not be surprised what may happen to her, she still threatens destruction.
      Now I must tell you how very much surprised I was to have a letter from Frank from Ceylon in May saying Emily Toms left for England by the Sultan on the 25th of April. I am sure you will be surprised and I hope glad to hear that I am engaged to her. I intend coming home for her in about four months time to be married?. Of course Mr & Mrs Toms are delighted, I am glad he has chosen a favourite of mine tho? he might have done better. The deesteres have not behaved well to either of them they say. I have heard from Aunt Toms they are in Birmgham at present but are moving. Emily says Mrs Dean is to decide on a house - I suppose suitable for the event to take place. Dear Franks visit to us will be very short I fear. Emily will come here I expect at the same time.
      I am glad to give a good account of Frank & Anna & the children, Mildred Mary is a fat dear little child, very lively, sleeps for three hours at a time, a great pet with us all. In April old Dr Humble died at Ramsgate, now this house comes to the first Mrs Humbles nieces. Mr Barnes of Winchester married one of the Miss Bishops, he has written to me today. He intends coming to see the property, I have not had much done, since I have been here 10 years - I have very heavy expenses.
      The weather is thundery with heavy rain & the farmers complain sadly about the hay & corn being injured by so much wet it will make every thing dearer.
      I saw old Collins last evening he is tolerable. I never see him but he asks for you, and he always says give my respects to him. Arthur got me a mowing machine it cost 6 but I got it for 5 shillings Wallace has repaired it & it makes the grass look very nice when mown it requires two to use it. I have had a man to do up the garden very few gooseberries the marrows will not be like they were when you attended to them. I expect your garden is perfection I hope business goes on satisfactorily & that you enjoy good health and getting rich.
      Only a few changes in Kingsclere. The house Mr Taplin lives in is to be sold it is doubtful about their remaining. Mr Carter Holding is come to live at the Grove he is chosen church warden with Mr Edwards. Mr H wants to leavel the graves. Mr Barnes does not approve of it. William Holding the nephew is a magistrel (sic) they cut quite a dash
      Frank Heanly came upstairs while I was writing to ask if he may write a few lines to you so I was obliged to take half a sheet to finish my letter. The new organ is an impressive one. Mary has to go to the church to practice & school rooms twice a week so she has her time fully taken up, 22 pupils also to teach at home. The racehorses here have been fortunate. Mr Porter has been so kind as to give flowers & ...... to the church decorations Frank & Anna do the crosses, with a few more to help - he made a dove with white pinks and white stocks it was much admired, a nice idea. We are in a bustle having two woman (sic) to clean the house. F & A and children are gone for a walk. The Edwards are well also the Barne?s the Drakes are coming to pay Edward a visit next week the (sic) live at Winchester. Charlotte is well I am sure I must name her kindly to you. She still has her school & lives in the same house.
      With our united kind love to you both & hoping to hear soon, Believe me

      Ever your affectate

      This half page is written across the last page of the last letter

      My dear Charlie
      Only time to add our love to your wife & yourself; I am (& so is Anna) very glad you chose an uncommon name for your boy one not already in the family; it is so much more sensible in my opinion to have different names - I am very sorry to say I have not yet got any employment if you hear of anything suitable let me know & we will struggle to come out to you. I have answered advts till I am sick. Anna would write but is engaged with Mildred. She is such a pet, the boys grow very fast & are sometimes rather mischevious. We are going to take them out for a run so I must wind up - believe me
      very truely yours
      Frank E J Heanly

      since you appreciated our poor little presents you shall have some more the next opportunity


      Letter to Mabel (Mabel Neate, daughter of CJH Neate) dated 1915 from Mary Stephan Neate

      Mildred is Mildred Heanly, she was an artist as an adult.
      Richmond Phelps is Aubery Richmond Phelps, son of Emma Benjamin (daughter of Mary Benjamin nee Neate)
      George Neate of Newbury is George Whistler Neate, son of Arthur Webb Neate and Ellen Whistler
      Uncle Frank is Francis William Neate and (?) his second wife Ada
      Addie is Adeline Jaques

      Wooben Green
      27th May 1915

      My dear Mabel

      I am so very sorry I have been so long answering your last letter, written 11 months ago, but you know what it is if one begins putting off things, & when it came I was so very glad to hear you had gone to live with your aunt & uncle that I meant to write at once, & say so for I think it such a nice arrangement & hope you continue all round to like it, I think it is quite the next best thing to having a house of your own. Mildred did not get home till March 8th. We were very anxious while she was on the sea, & very thankful she reached here safely, they had a few excitements, but no mishaps, life belts were served out all round at Malta, & port holes kept darkened at night from there, & cruisers escorted them up the Channel & to the mouth of the Thames, & now so many boats have been torpedoed we feel we cannot be thankful enough. Mildred brought home such a number of paintings she did of some of the grand views in the Himalayas, they were I think about 7000 feet high at Lebong, where they were for over a year, till Mr Spooner, brother of the friend M went with, was moved to Darjeeling, quite near but considerably higher & then down to Dinapore (now Dinajpur) on a branch of the Ganges, he being the Army Chaplain got moved when the Regiment came home to go to the Front, where so many of the officers they knew so well have been killed or wounded. M also did a number of Pastel Portraits amongst others the Maharajah of Cooch Behar & his wife (who was Baroda & educated in England & a very pretty & charming woman) his brother Prince Victor, & a cousin; she also painted a lot of scenery for they (sic) plays they got up at the club, & helped act in 1 or 2, so she did not have an idle time, & earned some money. I was not so well as usual last winter, had a tiresome cough, & shortness of breath, but was not really bad till a few days after M got home, them I had to give up & have breakfast in bed, & be very lazy, & between 2 & 3 weeks ago I woke early one morning feeling I could not breathe, M put mustard on front & back, & after coughing & gasping for some time I was able to relieve my chest, & felt better, but it was very exhausting, the Dr says it was not Bronchitis, but pressure on the bronchial nerve, I still get little reminders sometimes but hot cloths on the throat loosen the cough & give relief, I have been under a London Dr?s treatment for 2 or 3 years, & dont much expect ever to be really well & strong again at my age 72 last September, I am so thankful I did not break down till after M?s return, now she is doing everything she possibly can for me, my appetite is bad, but I am taking a strong tonic & hope soon to be some what better, & to be able to write and tell you so. I do not remember the name of Mr George at Kingsclere, what was he there? I am sure we never knew anybody of that name, to visit I mean. I am very sorry your eyes were troubling you, but hope you had an occulists opinion about them & that glasses have given you relief. Is not the war truly dreadful, Percy Heanly has joined for ?Home Defence?, Wilfreds elder boy is a sailor helping in coaling the Navy, Richmond Phelps is on the ?Ajax? somewhere in the North Sea & several other relatives & friends have joined. George Neate of Newbury I believe went from Canada to Melbourne & thought of joining the Army Medical Corps, if he did go to M. he probably went to the Whistlers relatives of his mother living there, meant to tell you before. I hope all your belongings are as well as when you wrote also the Jaques, thank you for the nice illustrated paper you kindly sent me for Xmas. I did not send to anybody this last Xmas. Very glad you liked M?s tiny likenesses. She joins me in love to you & your aunt & please tell her I had a letter from Mrs Dicksee not long ago, asking me to go to see her this summer, but I fear I shall not be well enough to pay many visits, your Uncle Frank & his wife want me to go to them near Bournemouth, but I cannot arrange any visits just yet.
      Hoping to hear from you soon your loving Auntie Mary.
      I am so sorry your Aunt Addie & I have not written to each other for so long, trust they are both well.

      Possibly died Wycombe, 1915.