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    Matches 1 to 50 of 54

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       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
    1 Annie Jane  Abt 1866Scotland I10620
    2 Margaret  Abt 1755Scotland I02460
    3 Allen, James  Abt 1690Scotland I01822
    4 Anderson, Henry  Abt 1805Scotland I00797
    5 Berry  Abt 1840Scotland I11176
    6 Boag, Elizabeth  Abt 1775Scotland I10333
    7 Brodie, William  Abt 1730Scotland I11198
    8 Brown, Andrew  Abt 1800Scotland I03371
    9 Cameron, Catherine  Abt 1866Scotland I04062
    10 Cameron, Hannah  Abt 1800Scotland I00058
    11 Campbell, Charlotte  8 Sep 1808Scotland I10259
    12 Carfrae, Helen  Abt 1690Scotland I04100
    13 Craig, Alexander  Abt 1722Scotland I04098
    14 Douglas, Robert  Abt 1613Scotland I05011
    15 Falla, Alison  21 Jul 1678Scotland I02046
    16 Falla, Helen  Abt 1809Scotland I00796
    17 Falla, Isabell  23 Aug 1676Scotland I02045
    18 Falla, John  Abt 1650Scotland I01083
    19 Farskine, William  Abt 1700Scotland I05995
    20 Grant, James  Abt 1810Scotland I03231
    21 Hornal, Janet  Abt 1858Scotland I10845
    22 Hunter, William  Abt 1720Scotland I02346
    23 Kinnaird, Isabella  Abt 1780Scotland I03427
    24 Knox, Agnes  Abt 1695Scotland I01823
    25 Lamb, Elizabeth  Abt 1750Scotland I03252
    26 Lidgate, Margaret  Abt 1680Scotland I01082
    27 Low, Agnes  Abt 1700Scotland I06001
    28 Low, Elizabeth  Scotland I06003
    29 Ludgate, Isabell  Abt 1650Scotland I01084
    30 MacPhee, Ewen  Abt 1755Scotland I02461
    31 MacTavish, John  Abt 1760Scotland I02472
    32 Maitland, James  Abt 1773Scotland I03235
    33 Maitland, Sarah  Abt 1820Scotland I11192
    34 Marr, James  Abt 1675Scotland I01081
    35 Marr, Janet  28 Jan 1704Scotland I01080
    36 Marr, Jean  27 Nov 1704Scotland I02048
    37 Marr, Marie  9 Apr 1699Scotland I02047
    38 McPherson, Ann  Abt 1760Scotland I02473
    39 Mutch, James  1839Scotland I11174
    40 Paris  Abt 1725Scotland I10339
    41 Ray, Margaret  Abt 1730Scotland I05998
    42 Robson, Helen  Abt 1778Scotland I00788
    43 Robson, John  Abt 1750Scotland I01834
    44 Roseburgh, Margaret  Abt 1780Scotland I03372
    45 Scott, John  Abt 1780Scotland I03949
    46 Shand, Elizabeth  Abt 1730Scotland I05993
    47 Slight, William  Abt 1810Scotland I01370
    48 Smith, William  Abt 1780Scotland I03426
    49 Spiers, Isobel  Abt 1720Scotland I02347
    50 Stewart, Catherine  Abt 1825Scotland I08818

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    Matches 1 to 1 of 1

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
    1 Sands, Alexander  1850Scotland I11185


    Matches 1 to 36 of 36

       Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
    1 Elizabeth  Aft 1881Scotland I05781
    2 Mary  1851-1861Scotland I03258
    3 Anderson, Henry  Scotland I00797
    4 Boyle, James  Bef 1871Scotland I09312
    5 Brodie, William  Bef 1774Scotland I11198
    6 Brown, Andrew  Bef 1870Scotland I03371
    7 Cameron, Hannah  1841-1853Scotland I00058
    8 Craig, James  1851-1871Scotland I01074
    9 Craig, William  Bef 1837Scotland I00790
    10 Ewen, Margaret  1889Scotland I09233
    11 Farskine, Elisabeth  Aft 1799Scotland I03246
    12 Grubb, Robert Alexander  1875Scotland I10325
    13 Hood, William  Bef 1841Scotland I10327
    14 MacTavish, John  Aft 1824Scotland I02472
    15 Maitland, Hannah  Bef 1856Scotland I00805
    16 Maitland, Rebecca  10 Sep 1902Scotland I03429
    17 McDonald, Helen  Bef 1861Scotland I11022
    18 McPhee, Donald  Bef 1860Scotland I11039
    19 Paris, Isabel  1841-1881Scotland I03375
    20 Paris, James  Aft 1861Scotland I03389
    21 Potter, Isabella  1881-1891Scotland I11088
    22 Potter, James  1841-1881Scotland I03374
    23 Potter, Jane  1887-1901Scotland I03378
    24 Robertson, James  Abt 1841Scotland I02361
    25 Robertson, Johanna  Aft 1776Scotland I01372
    26 Roseburgh, Margaret  1821-1870Scotland I03372
    27 Shiell, Jean  Aft 1757Scotland I03395
    28 Stewart, Alexander  Bef 1851Scotland I03240
    29 Stewart, Susan  29 Sep 1920Scotland I03224
    30 Stuart, James  Bef 1753Scotland I03673
    31 Stuart, John  Aft 1799Scotland I03245
    32 Tindal, Alexander  Bef 1815Scotland I05027
    33 Todd, Janet  1851-1861Scotland I04112
    34 Wilson, Adam  Bef 1841Scotland I04565
    35 Wilson, Ann McD  Bef 1887Scotland I02463
    36 Wilson, Fergus  Bef 1860Scotland I04055


    Matches 1 to 24 of 24

       Family    Married    Family ID 
    1 / Cornwal  Abt 1734Scotland F00734
    2 Alexander / Paris  Abt 1827Scotland F03325
    3 Brown / Roseburgh  Abt 1817Scotland F01138
    4 Chamberlain / Wilson  03 Feb 1857Scotland F02053
    5 Craig / Hunter  Abt 1798Scotland F00355
    6 Falla / Allen  Abt 1752Scotland F00454
    7 Goodlet / Shiell  Abt 1755Scotland F01143
    8 Grant / McPhee  1845Scotland F00913
    9 Hunter / Robertson  Abt 1770Scotland F00560
    10 Knox / Maitland  1853Scotland F13605
    11 MacPhee /   Abt 1775Scotland F00912
    12 MacPhee / Cameron  Abt 1782Scotland F00911
    13 MacTavish / Cameron  Abt 1820Scotland F00031
    14 MacTavish / McPherson  Abt 1785Scotland F00918
    15 Marr / Lidgate  Abt 1698Scotland F00456
    16 McPhee / Stewart  Abt 1845Scotland F02055
    17 Paris /   Abt 1753Scotland F03323
    18 Potter / Brown  Abt 1835Scotland F03460
    19 Scott / Bell  Abt 1795Scotland F01277
    20 Smith / Kinnaird  Abt 1810Scotland F01146
    21 Stewart / Smith  Abt 1827Scotland F00361
    22 Tavish /   Abt 1825Scotland F00919
    23 Tocher /   Abt 1712Scotland F01767
    24 Wilson / Scott  Abt 1825Scotland F00335