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Of Berkshire, England



Matches 1 to 36 of 36

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  Abt 1690Of Berkshire, England I09297 My Genealogy 
2 Frances  Abt 1640Of Berkshire, England I08900 My Genealogy 
3 Joan  Abt 1620Of Berkshire, England I05628 My Genealogy 
4 Margaret  Abt 1640Of Berkshire, England I06706 My Genealogy 
5 Mary  Abt 1700Of Berkshire, England I09268 My Genealogy 
6 Mary  Abt 1760Of Berkshire, England I00388 My Genealogy 
7 Brunsden, John  Abt 1600Of Berkshire, England I06121 My Genealogy 
8 Child, Giles  Abt 1650Of Berkshire, England I05651 My Genealogy 
9 Church, Sarah  Abt 1730Of Berkshire, England I03013 My Genealogy 
10 Fawkener, Sarah  Abt 1740Of Berkshire, England I09184 My Genealogy 
11 Hannah  Of Berkshire, England I07456 My Genealogy 
12 Hearne, James  Abt 1580Of Berkshire, England I11143 My Genealogy 
13 Hobbeway, Christian  Abt 1620Of Berkshire, England I10922 My Genealogy 
14 Hopkins, Martha  Abt 1738Of Berkshire, England I07140 My Genealogy 
15 Hopkins, Mary  Abt 1662Of Berkshire, England I06710 My Genealogy 
16 Hopkins, Richard  Abt 1665Of Berkshire, England I06709 My Genealogy 
17 Hopkins, Robert  Abt 1540Of Berkshire, England I06688 My Genealogy 
18 Hornbuckle, John  Abt 1790Of Berkshire, England I10275 My Genealogy 
19 Joan  Abt 1630Of Berkshire, England I06122 My Genealogy 
20 Lanfear, Miriam  Abt 1754Of Berkshire, England I06801 My Genealogy 
21 Martha  Abt 1655Of Berkshire, England I09291 My Genealogy 
22 Mary  Abt 1615Of Berkshire, England I08904 My Genealogy 
23 Nash, William  Abt 1800Of Berkshire, England I07873 My Genealogy 
24 Newton  Abt 1730Of Berkshire, England I05643 My Genealogy 
25 Payne, Elizabeth  Abt 1630Of Berkshire, England I11151 My Genealogy 
26 Prowse, James  Abt 1740Of Berkshire, England I11092 My Genealogy 
27 Rock, Martha  Abt 1720Of Berkshire, England I09257 My Genealogy 
28 Rowland, John  Abt 1726Of Berkshire, England I03012 My Genealogy 
29 Saunders, William  Abt 1770Of Berkshire, England I07892 My Genealogy 
30 Smith, Henry  Abt 1655Of Berkshire, England I04230 My Genealogy 
31 Townsend, Robert  Abt 1634Of Berkshire, England I11139 My Genealogy 
32 Trulock, John  Abt 1560Of Berkshire, England I08873 My Genealogy 
33 Trulock, Susanna  Of Berkshire, England I08867 My Genealogy 
34 Wall, Amy  Abt 1698Of Berkshire, England I05639 My Genealogy 
35 Wall, Giles  Abt 1630Of Berkshire, England I05706 My Genealogy 
36 Weekes, Edward  Abt 1600Of Berkshire, England I06730 My Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hopkins, Richard  Abt 1664Of Berkshire, England I06685 My Genealogy 
2 Stacey, William  Aft 1768Of Berkshire, England I07961 My Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hopkins, Richard  26 Mar 1809Of Berkshire, England I07136 My Genealogy