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St James, Westminster, England



Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hingston, Richard  7 Mar 1799St James, Westminster, England I06849 My Genealogy 
2 Lipscombe, Elizabeth  22 Jul 1666St James, Westminster, England I06949 My Genealogy 
3 Lipscombe, Henry  7 Aug 1670St James, Westminster, England I06946 My Genealogy 
4 Lipscombe, Henry  9 Aug 1671St James, Westminster, England I06950 My Genealogy 
5 Lipscombe, John  1 Mar 1667St James, Westminster, England I06868 My Genealogy 
6 Lipscombe, Katherine  4 Apr 1673St James, Westminster, England I06951 My Genealogy 
7 Lipscombe, Mary  14 Dec 1664St James, Westminster, England I06947 My Genealogy 
8 Neate, John Thomas  3 Apr 1795St James, Westminster, England I00466 My Genealogy 
9 Pierson, John  29 Sept 1721St James, Westminster, England I10074 My Genealogy 
10 Pierson, Joseph  1 Jun 1712St James, Westminster, England I10075 My Genealogy 
11 Pierson, Martha  5 May 1715St James, Westminster, England I10079 My Genealogy 
12 Pierson, Mary  22 Mar 1708St James, Westminster, England I10076 My Genealogy 
13 Pierson, Paul  7 Jul 1710St James, Westminster, England I10073 My Genealogy 
14 Pierson, Peter  22 May 1707St James, Westminster, England I10077 My Genealogy 
15 Pierson, William  27 Oct 1716St James, Westminster, England I10078 My Genealogy 
16 St. John, Horatio  24 Sept 1638St James, Westminster, England I03601 My Genealogy 
17 St. John, Mary  2 Apr 1635St James, Westminster, England I03599 My Genealogy 
18 West, Martha  3 Apr 1651St James, Westminster, England I06935 My Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Aylesbury, Frances  17 Aug 1667St James, Westminster, England I05775 My Genealogy 
2 Conyngham, Albert  15 Jan 860St James, Westminster, England I03264 My Genealogy 
3 Lipscombe, Henry  22 Aug 1670St James, Westminster, England I06946 My Genealogy 
4 Lipscombe, Henry  11 Apr 1679St James, Westminster, England I06884 My Genealogy 
5 Robins, Sanderson  5 Dec 1862St James, Westminster, England I02210 My Genealogy 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Pierson / West  05 Mar 1671St James, Westminster, England F02063 My Genealogy 
2 Pierson / Woodley  03 Feb 1700/01St James, Westminster, England F03218 My Genealogy 
3 St. John / Leighton  09 Jul 1604St James, Westminster, England F00542 My Genealogy 
4 St. John / Vere  13 Jan 1633/34St James, Westminster, England F00545 My Genealogy 
5 St. John / Winchcombe  20 May 1701St James, Westminster, England F00793 My Genealogy